Smart Pro RGB 850W PSU Review


Power supplies are a vital piece of hardware needed to power your entire computer. This is one area that you don’t want to skimp out on considering everything relies on its ability to feed the correct voltage to all your individual components. Thermaltake has always been a company that pioneers new technology and incorporates them into their products. They have embraced the RGB craze. Thermaltake has launched a new series of smart PSUs and, you guessed it; The label is PRO RGB smart series of power supplies. Today I will be looking at the 850W variant. This PSU has some neat new features like RGB lighting and “Smart Zero” control. Let’s see how this PSU stands out among a crowded market of PSUs and the everything RGB fever trend that almost all manufacturers follow.

Why Choose Smart PRO RGB?

The simple answer is the ability to match the lighting to your other RGB parts on your computer. However, there are other good reasons this PSU would make a nice addition setup. The PSU is Bronze 80 PLUS certified meaning its price is very reasonable and reliable for mid to high tier setups. The PSU offers 850W of power with an 82% rated load 100% of the time. The RGB side of things comes with a pre-installed patented Riing RGB fan and offers 5 lighting modes using the built-in memory.

The specifications are as follows:

Short P/N SPR-0850F-R
Model SPR-850AH3FSB-R
Type ATX 12V v2.4 and EPS v2.92
Max. Output Capacity 850W
Peak Output Capacity 1020W
Color Black
Dimension ( W / H / D ) 150mm(W) x 86mm(H) x 170mm(D)
PFC (Power Factor Correction) Active PFC
Power Good Signal 100-500 msec
Hold Up Time > 16msec at 75% load
Input current 15A
Input Frequency Range 50Hz – 60Hz
Input Voltage 100V – 240V~
Operating Temperature 0°C to + 40°C
Operating Humidity 20% to 90%,non-condensing
Storage Temperature -40°C to + 70°C
Storage Humidity 20% to 95%, non-condensing
Cooling System 14cm hydraulic bearing fan
Efficiency Meet 80 PLUS® Bronze at 115Vac input.
MTBF 100,000 hrs minimum
Pin Connector PCI-E 6+2pin X 4


img_1120  img_1121

The product box and packaging are really superior to what you would typically get with a Bronze certified PSU. The front of the box boasts a 7-year warranty, Japanese capacitors, Zero Fan mode, and of course RGB lighting. All these features make this PSU really help this product stand out. Thermaltake didn’t skip on what’s inside either. The product is well packaged and also comes with a nice pouch for all your modular cables. Seems they have taken special attention to what customers come to expect from other higher rated power supplies.

img_1126  img_1128

The accessories included are:

  • Pro RGB 850W PSU
  • Warranty / cable documentation
  • Zip ties/ Screw set
  • Modular cable set and carry pouch


The cables included using a low profile flat black cable which is supposed to make cable management much easier. They do come with enough cables to power a multitude of situations and if you require more can get another set if you find you need extra GPU PCIe cables or SATA cables in the future. I would have liked to see sleeved cables at this level to offer even more bang for your buck but I understand this is still offered to value-oriented customers seeking RGB and higher wattage.


img_1122  img_1123

I personally really enjoy the overall look and design of this product. I feel the black shroud and clever RGB colored lettering makes the product stand out.The black helps the new Thermaltake logo pop out as well which is located on the top of the PSU. The PSU comes in capacities ranging from 650W to 850W and they are all 80 PLUS Bronze certified. The parts used were intentional to accommodate a modular design giving this PSU a simple and clean cable management solution.


If there was such a thing as VR ready why not label everything with it. Oh wait, there is! Just like the RGB craze, everything needs to have RGB or be VR ready to be marketed towards gamers. There is some truth to this. In order to have a good VR experience, you need a pretty beefy system with at least a GTX 970 or AMD RX 480. Those GPUs require decent PSUs that can offer stable and sufficient voltage. So technically a PSU can be VR ready because you will need a decent PSU to power different VGA cards for your VR experience.

img_1124  img_1125

The front offers all your modular connection for easy cable management. The nice thing about a modular PSU is the ability to only use what cables you need to power your components. This PSU was designed as a Single rail system up to 70.5A. I’m not going to get into the ongoing battle of the single rail or multi-rail debate, but if you’re interested in this you can read about ti more here. Basically, multi-rail offers a bit more OCP protection across the multiple rails and single rail PSUs offer one large rail with higher amperage. This PSU still offers protection like Over Current, Over Power, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Temperature and Short-Circuit protections.The back offers you the AC connector for power and your special buttons for RGB and Smart Zero fan control.

The RGB lighting button offers quick control of RGB lighting from the internal Riing fan. You can choose to cycle among 256 color variants, including solid colors, cycle mode, or “OFF”. The fan is constructed with a built-in memory profile which remembers your selection everytime you boot your computer.

The ultra quiet smart zero fan control allows the PSU to operate below a 10 % workload. This will minimize noise and allow quiet operation. The PSU also does offer fan control for working over 10 % which can offer a balanced workload of audible noise and fan speed. You can, of course, disable this function altogether by turning the smart zero fan to off and the PSU will just run the fan constantly at all times for better cooling.

The PSU was designed to be placed face up which is supposed to offer better cooling.  This also offers users to freely gaze at their selected RGB fan at all times. The included fan acts as exhaust repelling unwanted heat from your system.  Thier are minimal differences and debates about face up and down PSUs, but there has been proven small differences with the PSU face up. In the grand scheme of things, if there is clearance for airflow below your case then ti doesn’t matter at the end of the day.


Taking apart the Pro RGB 850W we get into more specifics of why it offers the technologies and warranty it does. The included fan below the PSI chassis is a Riing 14 RGB fan with compression blades. The fan is designed for high static pressure and engineered to circulate air better. The bearings are hydraulic for silent operation and the fan also offers anti-vibration rubber mounting points. This helps maintain a silent operation even if the fan is running on the PSU.

07_850  08_850

This PSU uses strict voltage regulation even beyond Intel’s recommendation.  This PSU offers +- 3 % compared to Intel’s +- 5 % on major rails and +- 10 % on -12. This also helps maintain a low ripple noise.  The PSU also offers high-quality Japanese capacitors rated for 105 °C (221 ° F). This is critical for the highest stability and reliability for any PSU. IF your PSU doesn’t offer Japanese capacitors it’s probably not rated to last as long or perform as well. They use Rubycon capacitors in my 850W variant. I personally wouldn’t use a PSU without them.

The Pro RGB Bronze certified PSU uses a high amperage single +12V rail. This eliminates limitations caused by voltage distributions and allows the max amount of power to your CPU. Some say overclocking is better with a single 12V rail but we won’t get into the specifics of that. Just know that any modern PSU with safeguard technologies is going to be a decent choice for any system. the DC to DC design is what helps optimize your voltage output for perfect conversion efficiency.


The 80 PLUS should be 85 % efficient under real world load conditions. This really means 50 % of the time the PSU will be 85% efficient. Additionally, the Smart PRO RGB has been optimized to work with Intel’s latest generation Skylake and Kaby lake CPUs.



Before I even started with hooking it up to my test bench, I wanted to use my new PSU tester to see if the voltage was in spec, and the PSU was still good after disassembling it. The voltages across the PSU managed to all stay within about 3% of the specification for each rail. There is sometimes minimal drop in voltage as with power regulations.

img_1134  img_1199

Testing power supplies is a complex procedure and can vary for several reasons. I am one reviewer and limited to what tools I have. I will be testing loads on the power supply with idle and overclocking speeds. I have it set so that under idle conditions my CPU speed drops as well as voltage. I will also test the Watts used by using a KILL A WATT.  I will test the average noise level of the fan using a high gain microphone. Please keep in mind that each system is different and actual loads can vary greatly even with similar hardware. I also will test the temperature the PSU gets under max load conditions and will be testing the system on 100% full load with AIDA64 Extreme. The temperature tool used is an IRT207 infrared thermometer.

My test bench is as follows:

  • ViewSonic XG2703-GS Monitor
  • Motherboard- EVGA Z170 Classified K
  • CPU: Intel Core I7 6700K
  • Network Card- Netgear AC 1200 USB
  • Cooler- Lepa NeoIlusion RGB CPU cooler
  • Memory- Avexiir DDR4 3000 MHz
  • Video Card: Nvidia GTX 1060
  • Storage- Toshiba OCZ VX500GB SSD (Boot)
  • Power Supply- Thermaltake PRO RGB 850W
  • OS: Windows 10 x64 Pro
  • Headphones- Creative H7


The CPU was overclocked to 4.6 GHz  for benchmark purposes, and my memory was set to its XMP profile.


The load on the PSU is measured to get a general idea across various systems in respect to Watts consumed. I tested the voltages using a standard multi-meter. The voltages across the PSU managed to all stay within 3% of the specification. System standby managed to stay really low and we have zero load compatibility to thank for that. with idle we can expect the fan to turn off with pretty much 0dB and temps low as well. The real measurement and what will matter the most is what is measured at load. Lower power became important with Haswell CPUs due to their extreme power states. The load is a great example of what we can expect a normal system under load to hit. I don’t have SLI or multi-GPU setups. I do overclock and this does draw more power, but I didn’t even come close to hitting 500W. There is often a miss conception that you need a high wattage power supply for certain components. As you can see I have a GTX

The load is a great example of what we can expect a normal system under load to hit. I don’t have SLI or multi-GPU setups. I do overclock and this does draw more power, but I didn’t even come close to hitting 500W. There is often a miss conception that you need a high wattage power supply for certain components. As you can see I have a GTX 1060, an overclocked CPU at 4.6 GHz, and have a lot of headroom before even coming close to the limit. The main thing to point out is the temperature at load and the noise level. 52°F is a bit high for this PSU but I think other heat generated from my system added to this number. You probably expect a lower number with more accurate testing methods. The noise level is really good and what you can expect from a normal voice conversation. This was when the fan was at 100%.


The Pro RGB 850W PSU comes packed full of features without hitting the wallet hard. You can expect awesome voltage regulation, good power consumption, and reliable 80 PLUS efficiency. The only concern some people might have is the single rail distribution and to make sure the rail doesn’t drop during full load.  The line measured consistently under load so I never ran into a problem with the +12V rail and I never came close to even hitting the 850W mark anyway.

The overall build quality of this PSU is outstanding and offers an even better value with the RGB lighting. RGB may not suit everyone’s interests but it does offer a unique way to make your systems match your intended color scheme. I prefer RGB because you can change the colors depending on how I feel, and you can even turn it off if you want.

Pricewise the PRO RGB is a steal. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a decent PSU for the price and wants RGB lighting. You can buy this PSU right now for $99.00 on Amazon. (Thermaltake PS-SPR-0850FPCBUS-R Smart Pro RGB 850W Zero Fan 80 PLUS BRONZE Full Modular Power SupplyEdit)

Smart Pro RGB 850W PSU Review

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