Arozzi Vernazza


Arozzi is a Swedish company that was founded in 2013. Its main focus is for providing the highest level of comfort for consumers that spend long hours on their computers. I will be looking at their top of the line model Vernazza chair, and doing a build log. Arozzi chairs are inspired by championship motorsports that should provide a stylish look. Lets see if this chair can provide the comfort and aesthetics that Arozzi claims.


Adjustable seat height 460 – 530mm 18.1-20.8 inches
Chair height 1390 – 1460mm 54.7-57.5 inches
Seat inner width 330mm 12.9″
Seat depth 580mm 22.8″
Backrest height 930mm 36.6″
Weight Capacity 160 kg 360 lbs.
Gross Weight 27 kg 59.5 lbs.
Netto Weight 23 kg 50.7 lbs.
Box Dimension 860x690x350mm 33.8 x 27.1 x 13.7 inches
Gas Lift Class-4



IMG_1502  IMG_1504

It feels like Christmas, but all joking aside this is a huge box. I needed help getting it to ground level where I could do this review. The boxes components were well packaged and all in tact.

IMG_1505  IMG_1508

The box includes:

  • Manual / Install guide & Warranty info
  • White gloves for touching the seat during installation
  • Screw sets and hex key
  • Vernazza Chair parts for assembly ( Will get into each one during build guide)

Design / Build Guide

IMG_1506  IMG_1513

The very first thing Arozzi suggests to do is fasten the back rest and seat together. I had to unfasten the screws as they were already in the bottom seat.You will want to be extra careful here with aligning the screws holes so you do not damage your back rest.

IMG_1514  IMG_1518

Be sure to tighten the screws carefully here, and don’t over tighten them because you could strip the screw or damage your seat. You need it tight enough because those screws are going to support you, and keep the back rest and seat together.

Doom chair  IMG_1532

Man before I could even finish the chair I was practically playing DOOM! The whole black and red themed chair is perfectly color coordinated with my computers black/red PC parts. Arozzi does offer multiple colors to choose from to match your room or office. You can see above the lumbar pillow head and back rest were already attached for me before I started setting up. I also took a picture of the remaining parts and accessories to show that there really isn’t much to putting this chair together. In fact I am almost done.

IMG_1537  IMG_1521

The next step calls for you to insert the screw covers on each side. This is really simple and just requires you to push the cover on until it clips into the center hole between each screw.

IMG_1538  IMG_1539

We are getting towards the end of the build process. You are going to want to fasten the seats mounting “mechanism” to the bottom. This will enable you to attach the gas lift and seat adjusters. Before you can attach the gas list to the chairs “mechanism” the instruction have you install the wheels on the chairs legs. This is really easy and requires you to just push the wheels into each hole.

IMG_1542  IMG_1544

Once the wheels are in place you can attach the gas lift to your seats mounting “mechanism.” You just need to align the seat with the hole behind the tilt force dial. Once the chair is in place and upright, the last step is to install the rock adjustment and the height adjustment levers.


This chair offers support for four major adjustments.:

  • Rocking function to your left can be tilted up to 12 degrees in any position
  • Height adjustment to your right for the Class-4 gas lift
  • Adjustable lever for back rest angle
  • Tilt force knob below the seat

The arm rests are also height adjustable and can tilt forward or backwards to find the most ideal comfort zone.


The best features of the Vernazza:

  • Extra high seat back and wider chair.
  • 3D adjustable armrests – Adjust height, side to side and forward to back.
  •  Backrest adjustment – Adjust your sitting position by your need. Adjustable angle up to 170 °.
  •  Tilt lock function – 5 lockable rocking positions 3°- 20°.
  •  High-quality materials – 100% environmental molded foam and pleather upholstery.
  •  Class-4 gas lift – Durable for up to 150kg!
  •  Premium casters – for even more ease of movement and long term comfort.
  •  Metal frame – A durable metal frame structure ensures stability and durability.

The Vernazza definitely has a large back and wide seat for extra comfort. Sitting in the seat offers great support for your head and back with the provided lumbar pillows. The head pillow has sculpted foam which provides extra comfort and feels amazing while gaming. The height and back adjustments are easy to set and feel functionally ensemble. Before using this chair I was using a basic office chair, the Vernazza has been the most comfortable seat I have ever sat in. The pleather upholstery feels good and doesn’t look or feel cheap. This chair was designed from Arozzi’s Swedish design team.



There are not too many wrong things to say here. The chair is high quality, easy to install, not time consuming, and definitely feels and looks great. The only real con here is going to be price for your investment. Personally I would say that 399.99 would be a lot for what most would consider an office chair, but I would suggest they sit in one of these before making that assumption. After sitting in this for long hours, or even the first few minutes, I didn’t know what I was missing. The first time I sat in the chair I immediately felt the difference in back support alone. I would say this chair does justify its price with the quality of parts and two year warranty you will get with your purchase. My favorite part about the Vernazza is how comfortable it makes you feel, and its like sitting on your own gaming throne. You can buy the Arozzi Vernazza on Amazon for $399.00.


Arozzi Vernazza

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