Enermax Ostrog ADV


Enermax has been a company that continues to grow and innovate. I have had the chance to look at some of their premium products, and today I’m going to be looking at one of their premium cases. The Ostrog ADV has tons of features and effective LED diodes. The case has 262 high-bright LEDs making this one of the brightest cases I have ever reviewed. Lets see how this case is to build in, and how it compares to the innumerable amount of cases on the market.

The specifications are as follows:

Technical Details

Type Midi-Tower
M/B ATX, micro-ATX, mini-ITX
Colour Blue / Red /Green
Interior Colour Blue / Red / Green
Model Number ECA3380AS-BL/ ECA3380AS-R /ECA3380AS-GN
I/O on top 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, HD Audio, Fan Speed & LED Control
Expansion Slots 7x

Drive Bays

5.25 inch 3x
3.5 inch 6x
2.5 inch 6x (converted from 3.5″)

Air Cooling

Front pre-installed: 2x 120mm Enermax Vegas Fans
Top optional: 2x 120mm / 2x 140mm fan
Bottom optional: 1x 120mm fan
Rear pre-installed: 1x 120mm Twister Bearing fan

Liquid Cooling

Top optional: 240 / 280mm radiator
Rear optional: 120mm radiator


Case (D x W x H) 493mm x 215mm x 516mm
Max. Length Graphics Cards 414mm (with HDD cage removed)
Max. CPU Cooler Height 174mm

Dealer Information

Model Number
ECA3380AS-BL / ECA3380AS-R  / ECA3380AS-GN
EAN Code 4713157722249 / 4713157722256 / 4713157722263
Unit – Gross Weight 7.2kg
Carton – Gross Weight 8.5kg
Carton – Dimensions D 572mm x W265mm x H588mm


IMG_0826  IMG_0827

The actual shipping box is very colorful and showcases the features of the Ostrog ADV well. The back has alot of details about the case before you start to unbox the unit. I like to see this becuase it gives you a good idea of what to expect and what you’re working with.

IMG_0829  IMG_0851

Unboxing the unit there was a small button missing from the front panel. I did later find the piece inside the case and it was easily fixed buy snapping it back into place.



The accessories included:

  • Ostrog manual
  • Enermax cable manager
  • Case Screw set
  • Motherboard Speaker
  • Zip ties



I really want to start off by saying I like this case. It has some features that are great, but there are things about it that need to change.

The design of this case features:

  • Ostrog Advance – The LED lighting fortress
    Majestic mid-tower including stunning MaxBrite™ LED Technology – the ultimate lighting experience.
  • ENERMAX Vegas LED lightshow
    To create unforgettable lighting effects. It is the world first computer chassis with LED light strips in the front
    and on the top panels of which lighting modes are also in sync with the 2 pre-installed ENERMAX Vegas fans.
  • Arcrylic Window
    To attract envious eyes on high-end hardware and stylish systems.
  • Quick-release panels
    For easy fan/radiator installation and maintenance.

IMG_0831  31

The Ostrog ADV is referred to as the ultimate gaming fortress. This mid tower case features space for high-end graphics cards, and comes with stunning lighting effects. It features patented MaxBrite LED technology that provides excellent illumination in red, blue, or green. The case offers 6 LED modes with lighting effects. The colors I listed are what Enermax shows in the product description, but in the video I posted above shows a white LED case , so other colors might be available in the future. The panels are fully meshed which provides the best air cooling a case can provide.


The features of MaxBrite:

  • Ostrog Advance – The LED lighting fortress
    Majestic mid-tower including stunning MaxBrite™ LED Technology – the ultimate lighting experience.
  • ENERMAX Vegas LED lightshow
    To create unforgettable lighting effects. It is the world first computer chassis with LED light strips in the front and on the top panels of which lighting modes are also in sync with the 2 pre-installed ENERMAX Vegas fans.



The front panel offers plenty of connectivity and an integrated fan controller:

  • 2x USB 3.0
  • 2x USB 2.0
  • Headphone/Mic 2.5mm jacks
  • Rest/ Power Buttons
  • Integrated fan controller
  • LED button


The integrated fan controller offer 3 fan modes which can help provide the perfect balance of noise and performance.

IMG_0839  IMG_0845

The side panels of this case look fantastic, and the rear side panel would appear to have a section bowed out for cable management., but the cable management is a mess. The windows is made of standard acrylic, and it would have been nice to opt for possibly tempered glass on a case of this magnitude, but it can be cost-effective and safer to avoid that high quality look.

IMG_0888  IMG_0887

The side panels are easily removed. The panels use standard thumb screws, but the front panel with the window has a nice feature that makes it easier to pull off. Now I can’t image why anymore with AIO coolers, but lets say for argumentative sake you had an external watercooling setup, this tab covers those holes. So you would say why is it a big deal to just keep the tab open ? Well it has to do with having the computer up against a wall, this would be frustrating if you’re trying to get as much clearance from your case as you can .


The case offers quick release panels that make it extremely easy to access areas of the case. The front bay covers, front panel, and top mesh panel are easily removable with the quick release technology.

IMG_0843  IMG_0842

The rear of this case has a pre-installed Enermax 120mm flow fan, and has really colorful slot covers. This is the first time I have seen this on a case, and I think it’s a nice touch to add to the overall color scheme. I really like the small things like this, so thank you Enermax for paying close attention to the aesthetics of this case.

IMG_0848  IMG_0847

Taking apart the case was no easy task. You had to apply a bit of pressure to remove all the panels. Even though the difficulties, I have to say this case is really modular as far as the amount of panels that can be removed. The front of the case features two pre-installed Enermax 120mm flo fans as well as the rear one. This is great that the case comes pre-installed with up to three fans. Most case manufactures only have one rear case fan, or possibly two including a fan in the front. The front fans are easily changed from the front, instead of the annoying screws from behind the case frame, this is a nice touch, and will let users easily swap fans in or out.

The Osrog ADV case offers compatibility for:

  • ATX, micro-ATX & mini-ITX Support
    Support of high-end gaming mainboards with ATX, micro-ATX and mini-ITX form factors.
  • Multi-GPU Support
    Seven extension card slots allow the installation of multi high-end graphics cards.
  • ODD and SSD/HDD support
    Screwless kits and trays make the installation a snap.
  • 248/240 mm liquid cooler support
    Enough space to empower your system with a strong liquid cooler on the top (up to 60mm clearance).
  • CPU coller support (air)
    The case supports CPU coolers up to 174mm in height.
  • Full Gaming Power
    Removable HDD cage clears the space for long high-end graphics cards with up to 414mm length.


IMG_0844  IMG_0849

Once the front panel was removed, you can take off the top cover that reveals the radiator mounting section of the case. You just need to remove those rear screws before snapping the top cover off. This is a really nice touch, and makes it easier to mount your watercooling radiator for motherboard installation.


The case can support 280/240mm liquid coolers on the top which offers 60mm of clearance.

IMG_0863  IMG_0866

Only one of the drive cages are removable. This is mostly effective if you need support for a larger graphics card, or non restrictive airflow from the front top fan. You will need to remove the thumb screw before taking out the top cage.

IMG_0873  IMG_0862

Installing a PSU in this case has been an frustrating experience. Enermax’s own PSU caused some mounting complications. The dust filter for the case doesn’t match well with the Platimax 1350 which I used for this case build. This is Enermax’s top brand of PSUs, and should provide easy compatibility. It stems from the screw alignment. The Platimax forces you to install the PSU fan up, which totally goes against the cases method of installation and bottom mounted dust filter. To my knowledge you can mount the a PSU either way, but just not the PSU I apparently used.


Also the dust filter is removable from the rear which is really frustrating, when will case manufacturers begin to understand that cases normally sit against a wall. This makes it difficult to access the dust cover because I will have to pull my case out to even access it. It would have been nice in this premium case to see the dust cover accessible from the front.


IMG_0871  IMG_0846

I want to take a moment and point out the beautiful red motherboard tray which matches the LED lights and slot covers. This is really awesome, and gives a nice cohesive look to the over all color scheme. This amount of detail is really nice, and offers a way to really match your computer parts almost perfectly.

The build used the following parts:

  • Motherboard- MSI Z97-Gaming 5
  • CPU: Intel Core I7 4790K
  • Network Card- Netgear AC 1200 USB
  • Cooler- Enermax Liqmax 240
  • Memory- Anarchy X 16GB DDR3 2800MHz
  • Video Card: PNY GTX 960 4GB
  • Storage- PNY CS2210 480GB
  • Power Supply- Enermax Platimax 1350W
  • OS: Windows 10 x64 Pro
  • Headphones- HyperX Cloud II


Installing any DVD drives or accessories into an ODD bay is really easy with the tooless design.


One disappointing feature missing from this case is a separate or hidden place to install an SSD. This is almost necessary for premium cases, and really makes your build stand out. It also helps with cable management , and this case could really use some help with that. Also the bottom drive cage is not removable making it hard to work around.


The worst thing about this case is the cable management. I’m not going to sit here and bash this case, as there are many things to love about it, but this is the one thing a premium case can not fail on, and it does for several reasons. There is not enough space behind the motherboard tray to start with. They really need to rethink this, and possibly redesign the case. The other frustrating part about managing my build was with the Enermax Platimax 1350. This may be a different story for another PSU, so I’m only faulting using Enermax’s own top PSU. The cables are so thick that I had to force shut the rear panel. Also getting in the way was the SATA power connectors for the front panel. If I wasn’t forced to mount the PSU upright I may have had a little bit more room to stretch my cables. I appreciate at least the PSU is fully modular.


I had a tough time almost reaching the 8 PIN CPU connector, and that should never happen in a premium case. There is a cut out , but with the length of the cable I almost had to use an extension adapter. I have to say though this has never happened to me before, and was really frustrating. I didn’t have enough length on my front panel audio connector to reach my motherboard. There really needs to be a longer cable, a cut out to reach the board, or provide a much better cable management solution. This is the area that really needs the most attention in a possible revision.

IMG_0864  IMG_0875

The case does provide alot of access points for cable management, but without the proper room this is pointless.


The cases strongest point is its LED technology. My entire work area reminded me of the zoo when you are checking out the bat cave. My whole room illuminated red. They are not exaggerating when they say they use Maxbrite technology.


P1040657-USMA12.jpgEnermax uses professional testing on all their equipment. They use an anechoic chamber to test all their noise levels.


I installed Enermax Vegas Fans with my radiator, and you can see from my graph what noise levels to expect from the case and those fans, and from the video below. The top radiator contributed to the noise level both from background noise, the pump, and the Vegas fans.

This case really does offer some great features. If the case can fix those few flaws found, they this case would stand to destroy the competition on the market. Enermax constantly continues to grow and innovate,and  I have a feeling they will be looking to correct any challenges from this case.



This case does provide some nice features but fails on some important ones.

  • Cable management issues
  • Cable length of front panel connectors
  • Only offers some removable parts

Despite those major flaws, the case does offer premium features that are to be loved. I love the color coordination for your computer parts, and the ridiculous amount of LED lights offered on this case. My favorite parts of the case was installing the radiator, I love how easy it was with the removable top panel. If Enermax can fix the cable management issues, then this case really stand to be some serious competition. I do recommend this case for anyone looking for a bright case, with lots of LED features, and paired with Enermax Vegas fans can give an even brighter show. You can buy this case right now from FRYS for $120.00.















Enermax Ostrog ADV

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