download.pngThe life of a gadgeteer or blogger is a hectic one. SCOTTeVEST is a company that I was introduced to because of its popular growing culture in the tech community. They ask, What’s your lifestyle? Their products can fit into anyone’s routine, and you will look good doing it. The clothes are attractive to the tech industry, modern professionals, and the busy person’s lifestyle. SCOTTeVEST is crazy about living in the moment as a company and has designed a style of smart clothing that leaves you free to focus n what’s important.



The clothing did arrive in one piece with no frays or tears, and they did get my order size correct.


The package includes:

  • Well advertised tags
  • Neatly folded shirt in perfect condition
  • Business cards



The Performance POLO will be your favorite business go to shirt for fun and travel. This shirt is really lightweight, breathable, and is super soft. This POLO features 1 zipped pocket, and is 3″ wide with a 5″ opening. This POLO will fit most of your small gadgets, phones, and my favorite thumb drives on the go.

IMG_0803  IMG_0809

The shirt is made of this intelligent cool comfort material, and feels really soft to the touch. The SCOTTeVEST logo is proudly displayed on the back under the collar. The Collar feels really comfortable and does not feel constrictive or annoying to your neck.

The IQ cool comfort tech:

  • Keeps you cool and dry
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Long lasting performance wash after wash

IMG_0810  IMG_0811

The buttons are well stitched and feel solid. I always hate when buttons comes apart due to poor stitching.

IMG_0804  IMG_0805

The Performance POLOs features:

  • Personal Area Network
  • Easy grip zipper
  • Weight management system
  • Chest pocket
  • IQ cool comfort tech

The wearable PAN (PERSONAL AREA NETWORK) contains personal tech that allows you to wire headphones  through specially designed channels through your clothing. It is extremely comfortable, and prevents tangled or loose wires. The cables are easily wired in a few minutes.

IMG_0807  IMG_0814

The pocket is the best feature that allows you to store items on the go. The POLO advertises to put your smart phone in there and use the smart channel tech for your headphones. I do have to point out the sizing listed above. The pocket will fit most smart phones, but does not fit my iPhone 6 Plus, as its much larger than the pocket. I would say it fits any standard  4.7″ to 5″ phone.

IMG_0813  IMG_0812

The small things matter to me, and I want to point out the neat tags, and stitching along the different areas of the shirt. I also like the small red stitching accents.



I wanted to put the clothing through its paces. So like any professional I wore the shirt to work. I work as a network admin, and definitely carry multiple tools with me through the day to either help people with their computers, or to do my own projects. Also with my blogging, and gadget reviewing career I carry multiple items with me to accomplish the best reviews for my audience.


I definitely found the extra pocket handy for carrying extra items like thumb drives, and loose items. This is my favorite feature of this shirt, and I love it even more than the PAN technology. I usually use Bluetooth headphones so this is less appealing to me.

IMG_0806  stairs

The shirt lived through all my grueling tasks. I travel up and down stairs frequently, so I did manage to sweat in the summers heat here in New York. The shirts cool comfort tech was amazing and performed better than expected. I would say that it even helped me sweat less, than you would in a standard shirt.



I highly suggest this product for anyone who loves technology or has a busy lifestyle. The SCOTTeVEST clothing is particular fun to wear and provides extra space for your stuff.

The only few cons I could find:

  • Not being able to fit my larger phones (This should be updated as phone will continue to get larger)
  • No extra pockets like on other SCOTTeVEST products.

I would like to see a larger pocket in the future, and an extra pocket. One of my favorite things about the camp shirt, and other style shirts at SCOTTeVEST is the hidden pockets for keys and other items. I feel like adding a small hidden pocket to the POLO for keys would be awesome and not too obtrusive to the design of its lightweight look and feel. If you love to live in the moment then definitely buy SCOTTeVESTs brand of clothing. You can buy the Performance POLO at the SCOTTeVEST web store for $45.00.



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