Wocket Smart Wallet (NXT-ID, Inc.)


The word smart has become something of a commodity in the technology world. Everything is being labeled as a smart device. Many of these devices seem to be sold to simplify your life, while adding more functionality. I’m testing a new device called the Wocket, and its the smartest wallet you’ll ever own. Its made from a company called NXTID. Lets see what makes the Wocket smart, and why its unique.


Wouldn’t it be easy if all you had in your wallet was one credit card? This is what the Wocket was designed to do. This small devices stores a multitude of information on one easy device. Another reason that makes the Wocket so compelling is security. The Wocket is truly the worlds smartest wallet, and is really easy to set up.


IMG_0478  IMG_0479

The Wocket was shipped in a standard UPS box, and arrived with no damage. It’s important to note these things. Some manufacturers ship products in poor condition, and sometimes arrive damaged or broken. Unboxing the Wocket display a helpful message about setting up your device for the first time. This was helpful, and didn’t require me to look around the website for what to do for using the device for the first time.


The accessories included with the Wocket:

  • Wocket smart wallet
  • Charging cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Card reader

The Wocket is really small and light. It has some nice design features, lets look over the device as a whole.



The front of the Wocket was designed with an E-ink display. This type of display is important for battery life, as it only drains battery when an action is performed. They are easy to see in sun light, and the back-light provides easy visibility at night.Wocket claims the rechargeable batter will last a year. I’ve been using mine for a week now, and it’s still on a full 100%.


The Wocket is the first and only stand alone smart wallet. Wocket replaces your entire wallet with a single card and offers interchangeable accessories.

IMG_0510  IMG_0557

A single card provides unlimited possibilities. You can swipe anywhere, and your Wocket card transmits any card you choose. The 4 contact points on the back of the card provide a connection to your Wocket wallet. It uses smart swipe technology, and provides a physical signature strip. The device slides out allowing you to charge the device, store cards, and swap accessories with your Wocket.


The back that is included with your Wocket is made of nice leather. The negative thing is that it only allows space for a few cards. I stored my driver’s licence, Insurance card, and an extra credit card I could not store in the Wocket. I will explain that later. As far as I know the only color available is black for now. They would benefit from selling other colors to reach more of an audience.


Once you open your Wocket for the first time, you are greeted with a get started message on the front screen. The get-stated page can be found on Wockets site. It displays a helpful video for getting started, and was really easy to follow.




You must first store a pin to access the Wocket, so there is security set in place for logging into the device.



The Wocket card emulates any card you store in your Wocket. This creates endless possibilities, and makes life easier to only work with one card.


Adding a card to your Wocket is really easy. You must slide the Wocket out from the Leather back accessory first. Using the card reader, plug it into the small 3.5 mm jack on the bottom. Depending on what kind of card your choosing, you must select a category. The first one I worked with was credit cards, which is labeled as credit. For the first time you will be required to swipe two cards for identifying yourself.


Once you are done swiping the card, you can label the card whatever you want for easy inventory. I do find the touch screen to be a bit sensitive, and require some getting use to. There does seem to be a bit of delay between touching the screen. Its possible this can be fixed in a future update.


The Wocket can become your personal vault, and one you can trust. It builds upon your existing wallet, and adds new features. You can also view your card easily just by taping the lock icon next to your card number. This is convenient for online payments. You no longer have to dig out your card.

The Wockets convenient features are as follows:

  • Categorize all your cards
  • E-ink dispaly for scanning barcodes
  • Store passwords
  • Unlocks with your voice or pin

As of testing the voice feature does not work yet, but will be coming in a future update.

The Wocket allows you to store:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Misc category
  • Passwords
  • Notes


The credit cards make you swipe the card to store the device, as well as debit cards. Loyalty cards can be swiped, or entered manually with barcode. You can choose between Standard or QR codes for the barcodes. This also works the same way for the Misc card category. I did find that under Loyalty cards some were recognized as credit cards when swiped. This was difficult because it wanted the security code for the card, when there wasn’t one.


Storing notes and password is really simple. You just select add, and type the information you want. Wocket pass is nice because it auto remembers your login information for generating secure passwords for popular websites.

IMG_0562 (1).JPG

The Wockets option menu allows you to:

  • Update the Wocket and connects to your mobile app
  • Change display settings- Allows display to be inverted, and change timeout for display
  • Security- Change your pin for the Wocket
  • Wocket card – Shows software version/hardware version/ and battery info
  • Reset- Resets your Wocket device

IMG_0564  IMG_0565


You can use the Wocket without the smart phone app, but the app is critical in sending updates to your smart wallet. The app is available on IOS and Android. This will be important for when they add the voice capabilities. The app connects to your Wocket from the update option menu, and just select the connect to app. You will also need this to update the Wocket card for both hardware and software updates.

These are just some of the options the Wocket provides, and I’m sure with future updates it will only get better.



I did have some frustrating experiences while using the Wocket. I ran into a few isolated instances where this system gave me trouble. Remember that credit card I talked about ? I have a Target Red card that only has a chip, and no magnetic strip. I could try to store the card under Mis, except it would not recognize my card as credit card.


The card worked mostly where I went. I would say I had about 95 % success rate of purchases. I did have a problem again with a chip system. I went to a convenient store where the transaction machine was asking the card to be inserted into the chip reader, even though it was swiped. I tried this about five times, and then just took out my normal card for payment.


Wocket should definitely invest in changing their card to accept both swipe , and chip payments if it plans to stay in business  for the long-term.


I did also find selecting a card for payment can be frustrating because of the screens delay. If you previously selected a source to be pushed to the Wocket card, you have to wait about 15 seconds for you to select another. If you try pushing another source it won’t do anything. The other frustrating part about the display is the lag it takes to scroll through sources. If you have alot of cards this can be difficult. The swiping takes some getting used to. It not like your smart phone where its fluid. You have to press down on the screen first without releasing, then swipe up or down. I also found while doing this you can frequently accidentally hit a card source to be sent to your Wocket card, even if your just browsing your selection.


The Wocket is a glimpse into the future of whats possible. This device does deserve the title as the worlds smartest wallet. Despite some issues I had with the device, it does work as intended. I think with future software updates, things like the screen lag can be fixed. I’m excited to try the voice features when updated, as well as other accessories that can be added to your Wocket. The store does offer some now, like adding a wallet compartment for even more space, than what the leather card holder provides.The Wocket does give you the freedom of using almost all your cards one on smart card. I would say for the price its totally worth the investment for creating simplicity to what standard wallets provide. You can buy the Wocket right now from the Wocket store for $180.00.



Wocket Smart Wallet (NXT-ID, Inc.)

2 thoughts on “Wocket Smart Wallet (NXT-ID, Inc.)

  1. David Asimov says:

    I had ordered a number of these items as gifts for my friends. I only wish l had read this first then I would’ve waited for a while before ordering. Now l’m stuck with these devices that I can’t return. I should have realized that the first generation of any device has bugs in it that will be work out in future generations & perfected. For now I’ll wait until the 4th or 5th generation is released then revisit the idea of purchasing it again. You have a great product whose time has come. But released too soon. It still needs to be perfected for the general public.

    1. Yeah it has its issues, I don’t even think voice has been upgraded yet. I personally stopped using it due to the lack of the chip, which makes this set non functional in today’s stores.

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